Two Applications for Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings have many applications in industry, but these coatings have found use in a variety of areas where resistance to either heat or corrosion is essential. The following are two areas that ceramic coatings can be valuable. 

Injection molding equipment

The molds used in many areas of manufacturing can be expensive to replace, but when the molds are coated properly, they are easier to maintain and will last longer. The longevity from a ceramic coating reduces the costs of the molds, and the labor cost of cleaning injection molds drops significantly. In addition, the surfaces of the mold remain smooth, so the finished product comes out of the mold cleaner than when the molds have not been treated. 

Food processing equipment

The part of food process equipment that benefits from ceramic coatings includes such things as seals on mechanical pumps. Ceramic coatings are outstanding for prevention of corrosion. This problem is notorious with parts of food processing equipment that comes in contact with food particles. The nature of ceramic seals provides a flat contact, and a tight seal that eliminates much of issue of corrosion. 

These coatings are available in various thickness. The appropriate thickness is dependent upon the particular application. There are several companies that offer ceramic coating services for a wide range of equipment and other parts used in a wide range of applications. Vergason Technology is one example of this type of company. You can click here for more information.

Industrial Pump Services

Industrial-strength chemical pumps are important and applied to a variety of applications, including the addition or removal of water, fuel, or other fluids or even gases. Typically this type of pump is used to move a fluid or gas in one direction or another; sometimes pumps may also be fitted with special filters or blades to assist with removing debris and particles. In water treatment centers, for example, a pump will be fitted with several filters in order to remove bacteria that can be harmful if ingested.

When a pump malfunctions, it's important to get it repaired as soon as possible. In the event that your industrial pump ceases to work as it was designed to, contact an industrial pump repair company. These types of companies are familiar with all sorts of pumps, and can assist with the repair or, if needed, the replacement, of your pump. If a repair or replacement cannot be implemented right away, a patch fix for the existing pump may be provided instead; in some instances a rental pump may be provided so you can keep operations going.

Additionally, these types of companies may be able to provide other services that include the installation of new pumps, transfer or upgrade of existing ones, and general preventative services to help keep your watering or de-watering pumps in proper condition.

Three Reasons to Use Shrink Wrap for Your Products

Utilizing shrink wrapping for your inventory offers great advantages. Whether it is raw materials or finished product, shrink wrapping provides several benefits. The following are three ways shrink wrapping can benefit your company. 

Lowers shipping costs
Shrink wrapping can secure your inventory when it is shipped to your end customers, and it can do this with little added weight. Your product is wrapped tightly with lightweight material. This reduces the cost of shipping. It also conforms to the particular shape of your product packages, so your packages can be reduced in size. 

Preserves your product
If you are in the food service industry, you will quickly understand the benefits of shrink wrapping in preventing food from spoiling. Shrink wrap prevents contamination while food is in transit, but it will also keep food fresh for restaurants and other food service businesses longer while it is in storage prior to use. This preservation also extends to any product that is sensitive to exposure to the air. Another example is electronic products. Having electronic parts and systems sealed in shrink wrap creates a barrier to dust and moisture that can harm an electronic component. 

Inventory is visible
Whether it is a finished product for the retail environment or raw materials needed for another end product, shrink wrapping is transparent. Workers can easily identify the inventory, so there is less chance of making a mistake with inventory management. 

The key to incorporating shrink wrapping for you product is to obtain the proper equipment. These machines are referred to as impulse sealers and are available from several companies. Fuji-sotex is an example of one such company. 

Keeping The Office Network Working

Every business needs to take a look to see that it can keep its network running at all times. The business needs to have access to the Internet, and they need to be sure that it is always going to work. When the connection is of prime importance, the business can keep more routers and cables in the office to operate the system. 

The new routers that the business uses must be kept in great supply in the office. The routers will make it easy to broadcast the signal in the office, and the routers can be replaced simply when they break down. They could stop working at any time, and the business must have more routers to take their place.

The cables that match these routers must be in great supply, as well. The business needs to have something that they can use to replace their cables, and they need to have more cable options when they are trying to troubleshoot their connections. The connections in the building can be tested with new cables, and several lengths of cables can be used to connect routers.

The best thing for the business to do is to make sure that they are keeping their connection running with routers and cables. Each item allows the business to be as efficient as possible.

How Proximity Cards Are Affecting Shopping and Account Transactions

Because proximity cards are so convenient, people who use them rarely want to learn more about how they work or how they came to be the preferred smart card alternative to reader devices. Most people just know that somehow the card is detected when it moves past a sensor, and it gives them access to a secure account or physical space. These cards are different from the previous family of access cards with magnetic stripes. They can hold much more data, and sensors can usually detect them through the material on a pocket, wallet or purse.

Proximity cards have even gained ground in banking and retail shopping. Many merchants have already made the switch from card readers as a way to keep purchases more secure. The number or large scale hacking incidents that have occurred in recent times has forced the retail industry as a whole to pursue more secure means of conducting transactions. New laws have shifted the liability for consumer financial loss from hacking to retailers, if they do not upgrade pay stations with proximity card capabilities.

So far, technology designers have created two types of proximity cards. The passive card uses a radio frequency signal. Someone who has a proximity card of this type has to stand close to the sensor in order for their card to be detected. The active proximity cards have a much wider range of about 500 feet. A typical use for them is automatic toll stations. A sensor detects a pass card as a car is passing and deducts the fare from a monthly account.