Get 10 Free Nokia N8 in India by joining the My Nokia Moments Contest

Nokia India is running a contest called 'My Nokia Moments' where you can win ten new Nokia N8 phones. All you need to do is to share a nice thought that you cherish and which is related to any Nokia phone that you ever owned. Simple visit the My Nokia Moment website and signup for the contest. How does it work?

Technically, you can create any moment you want instantly with what ever phone you want. You can write about any imaginary moment with any imaginary Nokia phone and then ask your friends to vote for your moment. If you get the highest votes and you happen to be within the top ten, you win yourself a free Nokia N8. What's the catch?

Your friend can vote for you online as well as via SMS. Voting via SMS will cost your friend 3 INR which is way too much for anyone. Online voting requires your friend to signup just the way you did before he/she can vote. So, unless your friends worship you, you won't get voted. However, there are people who have thousands of votes already. I wonder if there is anything fishy. Anyways, best of luck for the contest.