Nokia India tweets about mid-september release for Nokia N8

Nokia India has tweeted about the mid-september release of Nokia N8. I believe we would not have to pre-order the phone this time like N97 and N5800. The Nokia tweet -
@jsgeorge88 The N8 is scheduled for a mid-september launch so far :) We'll keep you posted
This is a news that is doing rounds on a number of popular blogs but none have any credible source except for a tweet by Nokia India. The Nokia India website still has no hints of releasing Nokia N8 soon. However, we now have some Nokia N8 advertisement campaigns going on in the name of Nokia Make My App and My Nokia Moments.

We still do not see any hoarding anywhere on the streets or in the Nokia Priority shops. Some of the popular online mobile stores in India also do not discuss the release of Nokia N8. Some sources say that Nokia N8 is not going to make it to India until October or even by the festival of Diwali in November. I hope this is not true. I cannot celebrate Diwali without the 12 MP Carl Zeiss HD Camera in Nokia N8.