Nokia N8 Apps

As the new Nokia N8 was officially announced, a contest called 'Nokia Make My App' was also started. To participate in the contest you had to suggest one such application that you would want in the new Nokia N8. If your app idea gets selected among the last 13 winning ideas, you get to attend a launch event in London and also  win yourself a Nokia N8 with your application installed.

The final results of this application are out and final list includes some amazing applications which will be offered free of cost on the Ovi Store as the Nokia N8 gets launched. All these applications are listed below.

  • Auto HDR Photography -  This is an application that takes 3 consecutive pictures at exposures of -2, 0 and +2 and merges them together to create one HDR (High Dynamic Range) image. This is indeed a great application keeping in view the 12 MP camera backed by Carl Zeiss lens and Xenon flash.
  • Bioseen - A 'Go Green' type application that would automatically upload a wildlife image which is geotagged and download all the available information about the animal in the picture.
  • Document Creator Manager - A mobile document scanner that takes advantage of the 12 MP camera in the macro mode and does all the processing on phone itself that includes cropping, image conversion and optimization without the need of uploading the image to an external server. We already have such apps in the market but they are paid and require a working data connection to upload the image to their server.
  • Emergency Geotagged Photo - This is a life saving app that actually takes a geotagged picture and send it automatically to the police and other emergency services so that they can reach you at the right time and at the right place utilizing the geotag.
  • Face Recognition based Device Locks - Mobile Phone Security is a another big feature that most mobile phones highlight today. Face Recognition technology is good technology to use secure your phone. Most laptops now have this facility so why not a mobile phone.
  • First Aid - An app that gives you the critical first aid tips and guidance in case of an emergency.
  • Green News - An app that gives you all the latest news on the 'Go Green' front around the world. This is more like a internet based widget.
  • I-Friend - It is sometimes nice to hear a friendly voice with some emotions reminding you of stuff or telling you stuff that you should do. So this app is like a friendly voice that tells you about meeting reminders, message notifications, etc.
  • Instant Voice Translation - Much like the Google Translate but only voice based.
  • Mobile Photoshop - An advanced picture editor for the phone.
  • Sound Editor - A mobile music studio for all the budding music artists, record, edit and create a new music clip anytime anywhere.
  • Storymaker - A mobile collaboration app that allows you to create stories with inputs from your approved friends.
  • Toddler Tutor - This is a nice innovative idea about having an application dedicated to your child which helps you teach your child alphabets, numbers and other commonly spoken words.

All the applications mentioned above is a nice move by Nokia to get the common user more involved with at least the software design part of the new Nokia N8. I hope a similar approach is followed in other upcoming mobile phones as well.