Nokia N8 Goof Up - China Release Event

Well, this is a strange and a very hilarious incident that took place during the release event of Nokia N8 in China.  The release event was broad-casted on internet via a live feed which was apparently hacked by someone which resulted in a porn clip getting streamed instead of the Nokia feed. So, all across China, people saw porn on the Nokia's live streaming website for the Nokia N8 release event. However, the stream was pulled out immediately but it left a wide spread buzz about the whole incident.

One of the interesting facts here is that this incident has definitely given Nokia N8 a widespread publicity in China which it would not have achieved otherwise. Nokia N8 is now on the front pages of almost every top technology blog.

As per Nokia Conversations China, Nokia admitted to the transmission of the inappropriate content and also declared that it was not from their servers and the content never got aired from their end. They are still looking in to the whole matter seriously. You can read this information in detail here.