Nokia N8 Pre-order Starts in US for $549

I received an email today from Nokia USA notifying of the start of the pre-orders today. The moment i receivde this email, I hopped on the provided pre-order URL and found it slow as many Nokia fans happened to hop on at the same time. The total cost for the phone is just $549 which is well within the expected limits. The sales package is a standard package available in rest of the world. There are no additions or deletions for USA. The fans in the USA would be rejoicing now with Nokia N8 finally reaching there.

The cost is comparatively less compared to rest of the world. Nokia N8 is a ground breaking device from Nokia and carries a lot stake for Nokia. Nokia is calling the phone as its flagship device. Only time will tell if it is true, however, phone will get delivered by the end of September in USA as per the sales website. This is the same timeline what Nokia has quoted in rest of the world.

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