Nokia N8 Preview at Delhi - Releasing within two weeks in India

Nokia N8 got previewed recently in India at its capital city of Delhi. It was the customized Indian version of N8 that featured the local channels as the Web TV options that included Bollywood and India Today channels. With Web TV already in boom in India with other mobile brands and telecom operators, it will be nice to see the number of free Web TV channels Nokia N8 ships with.

Further, it is yet to ascertained if Nokia N8 will ship with Nokia Music Unlimited subscription. Feeling the tough competition from other mobile brands, i see the subscription very much included with the N8 Sales Package. I am very hopeful for a better price and value for money from the new Nokia N8. I am really desperate to get my hands on my own Nokia N8 as soon as it releases in India. It is rumored to be releasing in India within two weeks as i write this post.