N8 Apps: Foursquare

Foursquare is a travel and social application provided free of cost on your Nokia N8 via Ovi Store. It allows you to share your current location with other Foursquare users. What really makes this an amazing app is the fact that you can actually see the history of your Foursquare friends as to where they had been and with who all. Once in a particular location, you can quickly find out who are the other Foursquare users around you. So this application works even as a friend finder on Nokia N8.

You can locate your friends instantly or share some amazing food that you had at a particular restaurant, etc. You can share all the amazing stuff you have experienced and invite your friends to experience the same. You can even earn reward points using this application and use them.

For using Foursquare, you can use your Facebook account. Foursquare is also accessible on SMS in the US. Foursquare uses the inbuilt GPS on your phone to detect your currebt location and suggests a number of interesting places around you. Foursquare is am amazing application to use on your Nokia N8.

Download at Ovi Store