N8 Pre-Orders start in India unofficially

Nokia N8 pre-booking has started in some cities of India with the Nokia Priority Dealers but unofficially. I got in touch with one of the priority dealers in Pune, India. As per the priority dealer, Nokia N8's official pre-booking will only start from 13/14th September which will be both on the internet as well as over the counter. The price is yet not known officially but they said it would cost between 26,000 INR and 27,000 INR. That is quite a higher price band for Nokia N8 but still there will be anxious Nokia fans ready to get their hands on the new Nokia N8.

I am planning to get myself a new Nokia N8 pre-booked on 14th September as that even happens to be my birthday :-) too. I am expecting gifts from Nokia for pre-booking customers. Last time i pre-booked a Nokia 5800, i got a Sennheiser Headphone worth 4000 INR, however, the phone priced at 21,000 INR. So, technically it was included in the cost. However, this time you will also get Nokia Music Unlimited and Free Lifetime GPS which makes the phone worth the price and any gift along with the phone would be an added advantage.