N8 Pre-orders started at the nearest Nokia Priority Center in India

It is a key day for the blog as I pre ordered a brand new Nokia N8 for the blog. The fun will start very shortly. I am located in India, Pune and i have pre booked the first N8 in the city. As a nice gesture, Nokia has included the telescopic stylus in the sales package (It is only available in selected markets as of now and India is included). Nokia has completed 15 years in India and it is celebrating the long term customer relationship.

The booking amount is 1000 INR. The final cost has not been quoted by the dealer yet. He said the amount can be a maximum of 28000 INR and a minimum of 25000 INR. However, he did not dismiss the possibility of the cost going even below 25000 INR. The official delivery date of the phone is 27th September 2010. However, the actual expected date is 25th September itself. So i may get the phone long before also.