Video 'Dot' shot on Nokia N8 makes it to the Book of Guinness World Records

The title of this post does sound interesting when you think that N8 is the first phone to have its name related to the Book of Guinness World Records even before it has launched. It is an animation shot on Nokia N8 that has made to the Guinness World Records. The animation is filed as "the world’s smallest stop motion character animation". The animation is definitely amazing and hard to believe that it has been shot on small mobile phone.

The entire stop motion animation has been shot on N8 attached to a specially designed optical device. The film is shot by Aardman Animations that produced the Wallace and Gromit series.

Aardman Studios is an Oscar winning British film company. Associating with such famous entities, Nokia is further trying to push the N8 hype and boost its sales and market share. We already know that Nokia is shooting a short movie with Pamela Anderson which is being shot completely on N8. This is a new age gimmick by companies to highlight their products and features. So, Nokia has definitely hit a jackpot here with Aardman Animations and Pamela in its kitty.