N8 Goes Gimmick with PUSH KAPing and PUSH Skating

'PUSH KAPing and PUSH Skating' might sound alien but to explain it in details, KAPing means Kite-Aerial-Photography and Skating is a usual term just relates to the new Nokia N8. Nokia came up with the concept called PUSH where they invite all the innovators who have a unique idea about doing something really amazing with Nokia N8. These two are the result of this initiative.

PUSH KAPing is about attaching your Nokia N8 to a specially designed device that is attached to the Kite and flown. You can control and see what your phone sees. This is indeed an amazing concept. Again, PUSH Skating is built on similar lines. You generally skate and what difference can Nokia N8 can make to it? Imagine your phone reading all the different gimmicks that you can perform on your skate and give you points with reference to it. This enhances the entire skating experience and makes it more fun with each time you trying to score more. The two videos below will give you a better picture.

This is a nice initiative from Nokia. There have been hackers all around the world who do amazing stuff with their Nokia phones so why not tap this talent back to Nokia and further create a value out of it, this is what this new initiative speaks of. Nokia Push is accepting ideas at the moment and you too can participate in it and win one of these KAPing and Skating prototypes along with a N8 and 1000 bucks to fund your idea. Just create a small video or document about your idea and follow this link to submit it.