Nokia N8 Games: Lunagames Cube Touch XXL

Cube Touch XXL by Lunagames is free puzzle game for Nokia N8. This game is provided on Ovi Store for free download with a full license and it is not ad supported. You just need to install the game and you are ready to play wherever and whenever you want to without need of a data connection. The game is very simple and yet very addictive. You see cubes all over the screen with a timer and you need to switch between two cubes such that you have at-least three same color cubes in a single line horizontally or vertically. As soon you have matching cubes, the timer at the top of the screen resets and you are ready for setting up another matching similar color line.

As you reach a particular score, you promote to the next level. With each increasing level, the timer becomes quicker leaving you with lesser time to match same color cubes. Another feature that makes this game interesting is the ability to submit your score online and compare with rest of the players across the planet. The graphics of the game is neither bad nor good. It is an OK game as long as provided free of cost. It is a nice game to have on your mobile especially when you are stuck on a long journey in a train, bus, etc or waiting in a queue. My rating for this game is Neutral. To discuss more on this topic, visit our forum exclusively for our members.

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