Nokia N8 Capable of Powering Up Other Devices via USB On The Go

It amazing to see the Nokia N8 power up a Laptop LED Lamp. I am very happy to have bought this phone. Just imagine the possibilities. With N8, you now have a mobile charger with you that can power up other USB devices. However, it would not be that easy as it seems. One of the technical difficulties of using N8 as a power source is that the inbuilt mechanism shuts down the power of its USB port as soon as it detects an unfit USB device connected to it which in this case was a USB Lamp. The power source works for just 10 seconds as of now. As soon as the power shuts down there is a pop up message on the phone's screen informing that the device connected to it cannot be recognized. Once, you click OK, the phone resumes the power in the port and again tries to recognize the attached device.

So, what we need here is a firmware hack or a proper software that allows the phone to be used as a power source without breaking the power every 10 seconds. However, i do wonder if this is going to affect the hardware of the phone and how fast the battery drains when the phone is used as a power source. Too much to think at this moment but as we proceed with the phone and more and more people buy it, we will definitely see such a software. I truly believe - "It's amazing technology. What will you do with it?". Please post your comments and views on this topic and also visit our forum to chitchat with other blog readers about this post.