Nokia N8 facing issues with Music Sync in Ovi Suite v2.2.1.23

Issues with Music Sync in Ovi Suite

Nokia Ovi Suite with Nokia N8
I am using the latest version of the Nokia Ovi Suite which is version on Windows Vista. I had a tough time transferring music to my phone which i had downloaded from the Ovi Music Store. There were around 159 songs that i had downloaded. One of the major issues was using the Music Sync option which would make the Ovi Suite crash every time you try to sync. Nokia N8 is an entirely new venture and many things for Nokia are first time so these initial issues are understood and i truly believe there is a workaround for everything. I hope Nokia gives a solution for this problem soon.


Instead of using the Ovi Suite, launch the Nokia Ovi Player, Select Media Transfer mode for the USB in N8, select the My PC icon from the left navigation menu on Nokia Ovi Player, select all the music that you wish to transfer either in the Albums, Artists or the Genres view. Now drag the selected items to the Nokia N8-00 icon in the left hand menu bar. The music will start transferring. Also, ensure that you are connected to the internet for licensing requirements. You can transfer music only between your registered PC and Nokia N8.

I am yet to find a solution for the Ovi Suite Crash in Windows Vista. Please post your experience on this issue. Also, head on to our forum to post your detailed experience and discuss it with rest of the blog readers.