Nokia N8 Free Apps: Phonelocator Periodic for Symbian^3

After having bought Nokia N8 for a huge price, the safety of the phone is a big concern for me. Unfortunately, the phones does not have a free subscription to any of the security software like, WaveSecure, etc which allows you to track your phone if stolen. I was browsing through the Nokia Ovi Store when I got my eyes on this amazing application called Phonelocator Periodic. As the name suggests, this application updates the phones location with GPS co-ordinates and WiFi / Cell Id location to a remote server. I tried this application on my phone and i was amazed to find the location identified on the Periodic server, it gave me the exact location. However, the location could have been more detailed if the phone was outside the house. The GPS strength was not good in the house. But this feature was totally unexpected from a free application. Even some of the paid applications do not have this capability.

Another great feature that makes your phone more secure is the SMS tracker. As soon as a thief changes the sim card from the phone, a SMS is sent to the pre-configured number with the thief's mobile number. Further, you can get the exact location of the phone after it is stolen by sending a SMS with the keyword 'Update' to your phone (given the sim card has not been changed till then).

The application requires you to have a web account at the Periodic website. You can login to your account and see all the updates. I have set the frequency of the location updates at 2 hours in the application which means after every 2 hours the app registers the location of the phone on Periodic's server. Further, you can also change the application settings right from the web login and it gets synchronized with the application. The web account is integrated with Google Maps API such that the phone's location can be easily tracked on Google Maps. It is a free app from the Ovi Store. This is a must have application and runs in the background. There is minimal battery used if you set the frequency of the updates intelligently. To discuss more on this topic, visit our forum. Please post your comments and views about this post.

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