Nokia N8 Free Apps: TuneWiki for Symbian^3

TuneWiki is an amazing application for your Nokia N8 which makes listening to music so much more fun. I remember listening to some of the songs which i could hardly get the words out but i still liked them. Tune Wiki along with the original songs downloaded from Ovi Music Store make the whole music listening experience great. Tune Wiki is actually able to get all the lyrics for the songs on my phone. Since the songs have all the correct information because of being downloaded from the Ovi Music Store, Tune Wiki is able to recognize the songs quickly and download the lyrics.

TuneWiki comes with an embedded player and you can access all the songs in your phone and the lyrics display  in sync with the song so it is even more fun. It also allows you to access internet radio and search for music videos on YouTube. There is a TuneWiki Community that can be accessed from the application itself and you can interact with rest of the TuneWiki fans, make requests for lyrics, access the popular playlists and top 50 songs list. As you install this application, it takes quite a bit of time initially to refresh the songs library which is natural and expected. Also, in order to use the application, you need to create an account with Tune Wiki which is all done at the time of first start of the application and happens to be a one time process. TuneWiki requires a data connection for internet connectivity but there is an option in the menu that allows you to use it offline too. Do post your view and comments about this application. Also, visit our Nokia N8 Forum for more on these apps and support.