Nokia N8 Free Apps: Wikipedia Reader for Symbian^3

Wikipedia Reader is developed by Ivan Litovski. It is a free download from the Ovi Store. It is a nice little app to keep you updated with all the Wikipedia content. It supports all the features of Wikipedia that includes images. I had reviewed a paid Wikipedia app for Nokia 5800 earlier and found it to be a crap compared to this. This has an amazing GUI and very intuitive. It is easy to navigate and get all the related content in a few finger taps. The application is currently in the beta phase however as per my view, the application surpasses the paid ones available in the market.

I found the application to be working very fine with minimal data usage. Even on an average data connection speed, the application worked without any hitches. The text formatting and layout of the data are superb. The application looks very professional and has a premium look. It is a nice application to have on your Nokia N8. You will find it really useful when you are waiting for a bus, at an airport, travelling or waiting in a queue. This is application is a gateway to the enormous and ever increasing information on Wikipedia. Please post your comments and views about this application. Also, discuss more about this app with rest of the blog readers at our forum.

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