Nokia N8 Games - Marble Maze Classic for Symbian^3

Marble Maze Classic is a free game for N8 and a good time killer. It features three different types of balls namely, super ping-pong, metal and rubber. All these balls have different stability and needs to be driven through a maze before you reach the winning spot. There are several holes in the way and you need to save the ball from dropping in to one of them. It works on the orientation sensors and tests the stability of your hands. As i was creating the demo video, I played it several times and i can say this is seriously addictive. The movement of the ball was very smooth and clear. The overall feel of the game is good with decent graphics.

Things that i did not like about the game include the counter appearing on the winning spot which is hard to read. Apart from that, I did not like the fact that this is an ad-supported game which means unless you have a data connectivity of some sort (so that the game can connect to the internet to down load a few bytes of ad) you cannot start the game. I would want this feature to be an optional one or at-least a one-time system so that all the  ads get downloaded at once and the game can be played even when there is no connectivity. However, this is still isn't that bad also because i calculated the transferred data and it happened to be less than 1 kb. To discuss more about this game, please visit our forum.