Nokia N8 Help Guide: Setting Up a New Home-screen with Wallpaper & Widgets

Nokia N8 can have a maximum of three home-screens in total. You can slide between them quick and fast very smoothly. Having three home-screens is a big advantage keeping different aspects of your life. You can dedicate one screen to business features which gives you quick access to all the business apps, like quick office, adobe acrobat reader, emails, mail for exchange, etc. For the leisure time, dedicate a screen to entertainment and game applications. Dedicate one screen to all the web related stuff, like, bookmarks, RSS feeds, access-point settings, etc. Setting up the home-screen is very easy, however, some of you might find it difficult so i have put up a small guide to assist you with it.

  • There is just one screen on the phone, i have already deleted the rest two of the screens.
  1. While on the main screen, go to Options, select New Home Screen. This will open up a blank screen showing up six (+) icons. You can add a total of six widgets to a single home screen.
  2. Tap on the (+) icons which will give options to add bookmarks or applications. Once you click on any of the option, you will get a list of available applications/bookmarks that you can select from.
  3. To delete a widget, keep your finger pressed on to the widget for 2 secs which pops up a 'Remove' option, just tap on it and the widget gets deleted.
  4. To configure the Shortcuts widget, simple long press on it and a 'Settings' option will popup. Simply click on it and choose up to four different apps for the shortcuts widget.
  5. After having configured the widgets, tap on the 'Done' button to complete the setup.
  6. To Change the wallpaper, while on the home-screen, go to Options, select Edit Home Screen, again tap on Options, select Change Wallpaper, you will get two options - Default/Image, choose Image, you can now set any image as wallpaper.
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