Nokia N8 Launches in India Today for INR 25000

Yippee ! I got my Nokia N8 today. To my surprise the phone costs only INR 25000. Also, to my disappointment the sales package does not include the telescopic stylus. However, the sheer joy of holding this fun is enough to suffice me. The phone is a legend. The touch response is too quick and the phone gives you a classy feel. The build quality is excellent which makes it worth the price. I have opted for the dark gray version of the phone. All the five colors are available in India at the Nokia Priority Center. The phone comes with Nokia Music Unlimited. As soon as you start your phone with a working sim card, you will receive your Nokia Unlimited Pin via sms. This pin can then be used to activate your subscription (you need to create an Ovi account).

I am currently using the phone on Airtel network in India and the phone is working like a charm. I will start reviewing the phone pretty soon. So stay tuned to the blog for amazing content and never seen before stuff from Nokia N8. An update for all the Nokia fans in India is that if you have not pre-booked your phone, you might have to wait for the phone until mid-November when the next lot of N8 comes. Going back to explore the phone, cannot keep my hands off it :-)