Nokia N8 Themes - Asphalt 4 Elite Racing Theme for Symbian 3

Talking about free themes for Nokia N8, Asphalt 4 Elite Racing theme is a marvel. The theme is designed well keeping in view the amazing game and its various aspects. Some of the icons appear as the finishing flag, steering wheel, etc. The default wallpaper for the phone is the official gaming poster. It is a blend of black and maroon colors with tint of polka dots in menus, dialer, etc.

Overall, the theme is definitely worth a try and a must for an Asphalt 4 gamer. I wished that the publisher had included more icons with game specific design. Also, the bottom menu buttons get too light with the white color font to read clearly. Some of the icons make it difficult to understand as to which application they belong. However, I believe with continued usage the user may find it normal and remember the associated application. I am finding it too difficult as of now. In my view, you can try this theme on your phone for a while. Since, the phone is still new, it may take some time for newer and better themes to surface. Please post your views and comments at our forum.

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