Nokia N8 Updates: Phone Apps Update now available via Software Update Utility

I just updated my phone with something called as 'Phone Apps Update' via the Software Update utility in the Applications menu of the phone. The update is about 3 MB in size and takes about a minute to install.
I did not see any significant changes in the overall phone behavior except a new option 'Create My Card'  appearing in the Phone book. I believe they have fixed many bugs that may have been there before. I even received a call yesterday from Nokia asking me about post sales feedback and if I found a bug that does not deliver the emails to the inbox. 

This update might solve a lot of issues that many of the Nokia owners are facing like games crashing in between or the apps not installing correctly, etc. As an advice, please keep looking for such updates whenever possible as with each update the phone gets solutions for embedded bugs. Nokia N8 is the first phone that runs on Symbian^3 OS and it is important that you keep updating your phone with these updates even if it takes a bit of your time. Please post your comments about this update and found some newer features appearing on your phone. Also, visit our forum, to post your experience with Nokia N8.