Free Currency Converter for Nokia N8 - Xchanger v1.24 for Symbian^3

Xchanger v1.24 is a free currency converter for Nokia N8 from Titus-Soft. One of the best feature in this application is its ability to update the currency rates in real time. However, you do need a data connection to update the conversion rates. This is a must have application when you are on the move across the planet. Just imagine the capability to convert 150+ currencies in a single free application.
On of the trickiest parts of this application is understanding its proper usage. At first look, this application looks like a total crap and difficult to understand. However, if you understand it's proper usage, I am damn sure you would not use any other currency converter. Read the tutorial below to understand the usage of this app.

The application is very functional as it maintains a database of all the conversions that you have done in the past and allows you to view the history. On the real time view, you get to see if the currency has depreciated or appreciated compared to the last online currency update. You can go through the entire history of the currency value change ever since you installed the application on your phone. One of the best things is that the application saves all the information in the form of a database in the phone memory in a file called 'Xchanger.db' and even if you need to change your phone or format it for some reason simply take a backup of this database file and reinstall the application and replace the new database file with the backup.

How to use Xchanger v1.24 ?

After the first time install when you launch the application, you will see a lot of conversions already added to your screen. First step is to clear all the pre-added conversions and then customize the application as per your need. A description of all the icons in the application is given below.

Deletes all the entries in the applications.
Tap on a single entry to select it and tap on this icon to delete it.
Tap on this icon to add a new conversion.
Lets you see the rise or fall in the currency value since last update.
Moves a particular conversion entry among many to the top or bottom.
Moves a particular conversion entry up or down in the sequence one at a time. 
In the single conversion entry view mode, this lets you change the entry to previous or next conversion entry.
Interchanges the currencies in each conversion entry and multiplies by 100 or 1000. 
Interchanges the currencies in a single conversion entry.
Updates the conversion rate for each conversion entry.
Brings up the Settings menu.
In the single entry view mode, use these options to arrange the rates by update time. 
In the single entry view mode, use these options to arrange the rates by value.
This is called the single entry view mode.
I hope you like this explanation of the application usage for Xchanger v1.24. This is indeed a very useful utility for Nokia N8 and comes absolutely free of cost. Please let us know of your comments and views and share more at the Nokia N8 Forum.