Nokia N8 Apps: WordPress Mobile for Symbian^3

WordPress Mobile for Nokia N8 is an amazing application for all the bloggers out there. This is an ultimate productivity tool for any one with a Nokia N8. With a simple and intuitive user interface, this application is a must have for your mobile. Whether you are a WordPress Blog Owner or a guest writer at the blog, you are going to love this application. This application lets you log into WordPress blog right from your Nokia N8 and manage your comments, posts and pages.

You can edit and create new posts. You can also create new posts and edit the comments. So, next time you are on the move, you just do not need to worry. You can blog even when you are travelling and manage your posts through a smart interface on Nokia N8. This application is a free download and still in the beta phase. You might expect some bugs but it is very much functional. The application is under continuous development and we will see a stable version pretty soon. The installation is simple but requires a working data connection for internally downloading and installing some core components. Do post your comments about this post and let us your views about Nokia N8 on the forum.

Download WordPress for Nokia N8