Nokia N8 Free Apps: IM+ By Shape Services for Symbian^3

IM+ By Shape Services has always been a very popular messenger client for Symbian phones. It is now available for N8 absolutely free. This free version is ad-supported and does not interfere with the basic functionality of the application. With support for Jabber, MSN, GTalk, Yahoo & ICQ, this is indeed a handy tool when you are on the move and need to get in touch with your friends. The application is very light and stable with minimal data usage. The ads that show on the application are hardly a kilobyte of size so even if it is ad-supported, the application is good to have.

You can go for a full version of the application which is ad-free and comes for a price. I believe Fring is a better option than to buy this application. The only problem with Fring is that it is a heavy application and many of you may not be using 70% of the features unless you have a unlimited data connection over 3G. Please post your comments and views about this application at the Nokia N8 Forum.

Download IM+ for N8/Symbian^3