Nokia N8 Free Apps: McAfee WaveSecure Backup Beta With Free 1 Year Subscription

WaveSecure Backup Beta is a secure backup service from a company which is now acquired by McAfee. WaveSecure has a tie-up with Nokia for a few phones in some countries and the entire suite is provided free of cost to the Nokia users of the selected phone models in those countries. WaveSecure Backup Beta for Nokia N8 is a backup application from the company that lets you back up your contacts, calendar and photos and videos.
Since, the service is in Beta, you get a complete 1-Year Subscription Free Of Cost. The application is only available in the J2ME version and still not released for Symbian^3. However, with the navigation buttons, the application works flawlessly. This is a very reputed backup application and with Symbian^3 app to be released soon, you must sign up for a free beta account.

You are required provide an email address and a six digit PIN at the time of activation and this is a one time process. You need a data connection to be able to activate this application and backup your data. Once activated, you access your account at and see all the uploaded data. Since, the application is a Java Midlet, there are limited capabilities and when you log on to your account, you will see many of the features disabled. However, I truly believe that once the Symbian^3 version of the application releases we should also be able to use the rest of the features for at-least an year. Also, the backup process through the app is completely manual (java apps have limited functionality due to security restrictions) and you need to launch the application to backup the data.

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Download WaveSecure Backup Beta