Nokia N8 Free Apps: Nokia Situations v2.5 for Symbian^3

Nokia Situations for N8 is one piece of software which makes your life so much easier. This is a free application from the Nokia Beta Labs that allows automation of profile switching in your phone i.e. changing your phone's profile from one to another (Ex- General to Silent) automatically. You can specify the time when you want a particular profile to be activated and deactivated respectively. The application is too advanced when it comes to this functionality. The profile changing can be triggered by Time/Weekdays, Calendar, GPS Location, Network Location (Cell based), WLAN (WiFi Network Area) and Bluetooth. You also get to create a highly detailed profile as per your need which is not possible through the regular profile creation functionality in the phone. There are a huge set of parameters that you can set here.

Let us take a sample scenario, I travel to my office everyday at 8 AM and i am there till 5PM and during that time I need to switch to the SILENT profile.
So in order to automate this process, I will select the start and end timings as 8 AM and 5 PM respectively and also choose the days I want this ti be ON under Weekday settings.
This was a pretty simple scenario. This application also allows you to switch profile based on GPS. So another alternative to automate the profile switching would be using GPS rather than manually putting in the time and weekday. Thus, as soon as I reach my office, depending on the GPS location, the SILENT profile gets turned on and as i leave my office it gets deactivated. You can also use the Network Location as a trigger instead of GPS but this might not be very accurate but sure will work for the scenario above. The application will identify the trigger based on the Network's Cell Id in a particular location.

You can also trigger a profile change based on WLAN which means that as soon as you move into a particular Wifi zone, the profile gets activated and deactivates as soon as you move out of it. This is an amazing concept for an application. Your chosen profile can also get triggered when you move in the range of a previously selected Bluetooth device say your library room where you have your laptop placed. So as soon as your reach your library, your laptop's Bluetooth is detected by Nokia N8 and the selected profile gets activated. This is a must have application for your phone and i strongly recommend this. I already have it on my phone and i am definitely going to use it daily. Do leave your comments and views about this application. You can also join with the rest of the readers at the Nokia N8 Forum.

Note: Remember that the application needs to be running in background for the automation to work.