Nokia N8 Free Games: Doodle Jump for Symbian^3

Doodle Jump is a free game for Nokia N8 and works on the N8's motion sensors. This is a very simple and yet a very addictive game. Doodle, the character in the game needs to be jumped higher and higher. The jump depends on the green color bars appearing on the phone screen.
Every time Doodle jumps over a green bar you need to move your phone so that it again jumps on another green bar. This keeps elevating the Doodle and your score keeps increasing, You have to avoid jumping the doodle over a broken brown bar which makes it fall down and the game ends. You have springs on green bars that give Doodle a very high jump thus increasing your overall score. You need to target these springs and adjust the phone that Doodle jumps over the spring. You also have flying caps that helps Doodle fly up and again increases your score.

This game has excellent graphics and superb motion control. It can be played in both the portrait and the landscape modes. I am personally impressed with this game. Every time you complete a game, your score is recorded and in the next game your name displays in background of the game when you reach across that level. You also have the option to upload your score and see the previous ones. I would just say that this is a very clean and simple to play game. The moment you launch the game, it hardly takes 30 seconds to understand the overall technique to play the game. This is a must have for your phone, a premium looking game with a cute character. Do let us know if you likes this game. Post your views and opinion at the Nokia N8 Forum.

Download Doodle Jump for Symbian^3 / N8