Nokia N8 Free Games: Mobile Bowling v1.0 for Symbian^3

Mobile Bowling for Nokia N8 is a perfect time killer. This game is not supported by ads and come completely free from the Ovi Store.
Given the fact that 'Bowling' in the real world is a costly and addictive game, the mobile version gives you a free option to play it in the comforts of your own time and place. It is very close to the real life bowling sport and works on the same rules. The number of frames is limited to 10 and you have 2 balls per turn. In order to play, you need to touch a static ball which can be slided horizontally in a line and when the power bars reach your expected force, you just need to lift your finger and the ball hits the pins.

This is a single player game and you need to chase against your own score. I again wished if there was an option for a second player. However, you can still play with your friend splitting the frames equally between yourselves. In future, if something like a network or an online gaming concept can be included, this game can become much more addictive. Further, the graphics is up-to the mark and the touch sensitivity and response is great. You can play the game anywhere anytime as you do not require any data connectivity or network. This game comes from the labs of Nextwave Multimedia and they have many free games in their kitty for Nokia N8 available for download from the Nokia Ovi Store. Do share your view and comments on this game on our forum.