Nokia N8 Free Games: Original Tetris Mania from EA Games for Nokia N8

Tetris Mania is an ad free J2ME game for Nokia N8 which supports full screen resolution and designed for touch screen phones. Tetris is a puzzle game that was designed by a Soviet programmer in 1984. Ever since, this game captured the heart and minds of every gamer.
You have random shapes appearing all through the game and you need to fix them in a way that a horizontal line is created. Every time you create a line it disappears. If you make multiple lines disappear simultaneously, you score bonus points. The game ends when the shapes keep on collecting and a time comes when there is no space for more shapes to enter your screen. This is a an age old game which is beyond addiction. You just cannot stop yourself from playing it for hours.

As far as the graphics and the touch control is concerned, this is excellent and works great on Nokia N8. You do not even need a data connectivity for installation or playing. Simply download it on your computer and install it using the PC Suite. You can touch right side of the screen to move the blocks left and vice-versa. You have rotating signs on both the right and the left hand side of the screen which when tapped rotated the blocks. Swiping across the screen just below the block, makes the block fall freely into position. You an also speed up the fall by tapping the bottom ob the game screen. This is a must have for any Nokia N8 owner and a perfect time killer. Please post your views and comments about the game at the Nokia N8 Forum

Download Tetris Mania for Symbian^3