Nokia N8 Free Giveaway worth € 3: Street Fever for Symbian^3 By MMMOOO

MMMOOO are the pioneers of animated themes for Nokia mobile phones. Street Fever for Nokia N8 is one of the numerous high quality themes from this company. This theme is very vibrant and refreshing which looks extra cool on Nokia N8. The theme animation is designed to change every 10 minutes and using the SVG elements in the internal design, the MMMOOO developers have furthered reduced the overhead on N8's processor and memory.

Packed with some amazing icons and color combinations, the theme gives your Nokia N8 a new feel every 10 minutes. The use of colors is so intelligent that you do not see any of the text becoming difficult to read and see. I have been using some of the freely available themes and the invisibility of the menu options' text happens to be the common problem and i finally have to remove the theme. Street Fever for Symbian^3 is a premium theme and available for 3 Euros at the Nokia Ovi Store. However, you can get it free by following the link below.

Get Street Fever for Symbian^3 Free and Visit MMMOOO @ Ovi Store