Nokia N8 Help Guide: Set Up a Free Home Media Server for Streaming Media to N8 with TVersity Media Server

TVersity is a very popular and free Home Media Server that can stream video, audio and photos over your home Wifi network. I have tested this to work with Nokia N8 and the results are amazing. All those people who have been complaining about the missing UPnP in N8 will surely rejoice. TVersity supports flash player which is compatible with Nokia N8 and the phone in turn takes full advantage of this. You can see high quality streaming videos and music right on Nokia N8. You can configure every aspect of the stream to suite your network limitation. You can reduce the resolution and bit-rates. If you do not want to use the streaming facility, this software will even act as a file server for you which allows you to download the multimedia files right on your device over Wifi at great speed.

The hardware over which i tested this entire project includes a desktop PC with AMD Phenom II X2 545 Processor @ 3 GHz with 2 GB RAM on Windows Vista. The router is a simple 54 Mbps Trendnet product with the desktop and phone both connected over the Wifi network. Hence, if you have a better hardware and Windows 7, you might see a much better performance than i did.

Getting Started

1. Download and install the TVersity. Down this software here. This is a very easy and normal installation with all the default options, just see the pictures below to ensure you have all the settings as visible. However, you can always play around with these settings to see if you get a better performance with your hardware.

2. After you have installed TVersity, you need to add the port to the Windows Firewall exception list. In this case this example, the port is 41952 as shown in the images above. You can go for any port as per your wish but ensure you unblock in the Windows Firewall otherwise your phone would not be able to access the media server. This is an option step, just in case your phone is unable to access the server.

3. After having done all the above, navigate to the following URL on your Nokia N8 - 'http://<ip-address-pc>:<port>/flashlib' .Example - ''. In case you wish to just browse through the server and download the files, navigate to this URL instead 'http://<ip-address-pc>:<port>/lib'. Example - ''. To know your server's ip address, just type ipconfig from the command prompt (type cmd in Run).


I tried this software and threw all types of video formats at it and it was able to stream all of them. However, in certain situations when the file size of the video is more than 1.5 GB, you may see a delay in the streaming. To get over this issue, simply play around with the Transcoder Settings and try reducing the quality of the transcoding. Also ensure that Nokia N8 gets a strong Wifi signal, although i have tested this at a 50% signal strength. You might also want to visit the TVersity website for help on the hardware and transcoding related issues. The Tversity version used in this project is the free version and i have complete satisfaction using it and enjoy watching Friends and other TV show collections on my PC using N8. Please post your detailed queries and comments at the Nokia N8 Forum.