Using Free Cloud Storage Services with Nokia N8: SMEStorage

SME Storage is a free multi cloud data access service which is fully supported by Nokia N8's inbuilt WebDav client. Smartly priced, this storage service is available for as low as $5 which is a one time fee for using the WebDav client with a huge set of storage providers. You can map the following storage services as a network drive on your phone - SMEStorage, Amazon S3, Gmail,, AnyEmail, RackSpace CloudFiles, Google Docs, FTP, WebDav, iDisk/MobileMe, Google Apps Email, SkyDrive, LiveMesh, Mezeo, DropBox, Zimbra, FilesAnywhere.

How does SMEStorage integrate with Nokia N8?

SMEStorage is a multi cloud data access service which means that they provide you with a WebDav interface which interacts with all the other storage services and makes it possible to access them as a network drive on your phone. For example, you can map your gmail account with SMEStorage and then map SMEStorage as a network drive on your Nokia N8 using the WebDav client on the phone. Thus, you have access to the huge storage space on your gmail account via your phone. You can simply copy files from your phone's memory (mass storage, microSD) to the mapped network drive like a normal file operation.

This facility is not limited to just Gmail and covers all the popular free file storage services available on the internet which include SkyDrive,, DropBox and Google Docs to name a few. The list of the supported services is huge and the way SMEStorage handles them on the web user interface is amazing.

Is it Free ?

SMEStorage has a huge list of free cloud packages to suit each and everyone's need. However, you do need to spend a minimum of $5 to use the WebDav interface on Nokia N8. Actually, you need to pay a one time fee of $5 that gives a lifetime access to the WebDav add-on for your account. This add-on is called CloudDav. Some of the free cloud packages that I would personally like to recommend to use wityh your $5 CloudDav subscription are listed below.
  • Google Docs Beta - This package enables you to use a GMail account or a GMail Apps with the SMEStorage Cloud Gateway. Free only in Beta so be wise.

  • SMEStorage S3 + GMail - This package gives you 500MB free on Amazon S3 and also the ability to combine your GMail account using the SMEStorage Cloud Gateway. You will see all your files in one "virtual file system" and have access of up to 7 GB of storage. Most recommended.

  • Email2Cloud Beta - This package enables you to turn any email provider into a storage cloud. Your Email provider must support POP3 collection of email or IMAP. Free only in Beta so be wise.

  • Private Cloud Beta - Use an FTP Server to enable your own private cloud storage. You get all the channels and features of using SMEStorage but your data is stored wherever you run your FTP Server enabling you to run your own private cloud and access data on the move. Free only in Beta so be wise.

  • WebDav + Gmail - This package combines any WebDav storage cloud with any GMail account and presents the files in a virtual view. Most recommended.

  • SkyDrive - This package enables you to access and manage your Microsoft SkyDrive and Live Essential files with the SMEStorage Cloud Gateway. SkyDrive gives you 25GB of free file space. Live Essential files are read only. Free only in Beta so be wise.

  • Box.Net + GMail - This package lets you combine your Account with Gmail. If you have a free account, if you combine it with a GMail account, this gives you up to 8GB of potential storage ! Note that free individual file sizes are 25MB and individual GMail file sizes are limited to 10 MB. Most recommended.
SMEStorage on Nokia N8

Each of the cloud providers in your account that are added appear as a separate folder in your mapped network drive on N8. The WebDav URL for SMEStorage is '' and you need use your regular username and password for the account while mapping the drive.

Other amazing features

SMEStorage is not limited to the content above but also has some other amazing features. File Chunking is a feature that splits file in to smaller sizes so that they can be accommodated with storage providers with size limits. Gmail with an attachment size of 20 MB and SkyDrive with 25 MB is a good example. This is an optional service for $2.5 valid for three months. You also have the option for upload/download file resume service. The entire review has been done for this service from the N8's point of view and SMEStorage is a huge and versatile product for other areas and many of its mission critical features have not been covered in this article.

Get the Individual Lifetime Cloud account for $39.99

I cannot stop myself from recommending this particular account because of the features that you get and that too a lifetime account for only $39.99. 
With the Individual Lifetime Cloud Package you pay a one time fee for lifetime access. You can use your account to work with up to 10 storage clouds. We even throw in 500MB free on Amazon S3 to get you started ! You need to have an account with any of the Cloud Storage providers that you add.
This package also features file resume, and chunking features for providers that limit file size on upload. This package also features access to use our unique cloud sync' to let you backup from one storage provider to another.
The Individual Lifetime Cloud Package also come with the the SMEStorage Windows Cloud tools
Video Demo - SMEStorage Web Setup

Video Demo - SMEStorage N8 Setup

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