Exceptional Performance from the Nokia N8's HD Camera in a Night Music Concert

Today, I just had the right occasion to put the N8's HD Recording Capability to rigorous test. I took some amazing videos at a night concert from a distance of 30-40 meters at full digital zoom. Most mobile cameras would have resulted in a hazy video with lights getting scattered across the screen with a mobile optimized audio, Nokia N8 delivered exceptionally. With the stereo mic on N8, the concert's audio is too good to be even shot on a full-fledged HD Video Camera. Just have a look at all the videos listed below. These videos have been uploaded to YouTube without any conversion or editing in a 3rd party tool. Now, I do take pride in owning the Nokia N8 and can say that you can throw away all the iPhones and Galaxies/Waves in to the dustbin. You do not buy a phone to flash it like a fashion accessory or look beautiful. Beauty without brains is a waste and this is where Nokia N8 scores. Long live Nokia N8!!!!!!!!

Note: This post takes the assumption that Nokia N8's videos are to be judged only in the mobile cameras video category and not with the standalone specialized cameras video category. Also, try and watch the videos below
in YouTube HD mode at 720p for the right evaluation. Go to the YouTube website to watch the video in HD by clicking on the YouTube icon in the video player. YouTube does some optimizations and does reduce the video quality by 25%, hence what ever you see, just appreciate the quality by 25% when you think of seeing it in real life.

I hope you like Nokia N8's HD Camera evaluation. Also i must add-on is that I was standing in the crowd holding the camera most of the times with one hand and taking the videos. The stability of the video is beyond compare. With two battery bars left, i took 20 mins of 720p videos. Please post your views and comments about this evaluation. Visit us at the Nokia N8 Forum.