N8 Free Games: Iron Sight for Symbian^3

Iron Sight for Nokia N8 is an action packed game. If you have played Pocket Tanks, you will find a lot of familiarity with Iron Sight as well. This is a very addictive game which can be played in a multi-player mode which includes playing with your friends on the same phone (as Player1 & Player2) or online using one of the game servers. The game is very simple which includes two enemy groups Rebellion and Corporation. You can join any of the groups and your aim is to eliminate the enemy group. Each group has two entities which means you have two lives. You have three different types of missiles that you can use and shoot your enemy.

You need to take care of the wind direction, angle of the missile launcher and the force to be used when you fire the missile. Depending on these factor you have to hit your target. Time to time you keep getting additional missiles which drop as packets from the sky and you have to go to its location to get loaded. Your score depends upon the shield that you are left with at the end of the game and the accuracy with which you hit your opponent. I quite enjoyed the game and it is a nice one to have on your phone. You can unlock a level each time you win. It can be played in a campaign mode and single mode. The graphics is nice and touch response is also good. Visit our forum to discuss about this game.