Nokia N8 Free Apps: Real Golf 2011 for Symbian^3

After Need for Speed Shift, Real Golf 2011 is the next free offering from Nokia for all the Symbian^3 devices that includes Nokia N8. This game takes complete advantage of N8's Graphics Accelerator and produces some very eye catching quality graphics that are both smooth and without momentary pauses. The natural scenery looks amazing and like never seen before on a mobile device. To add further, this game is an ultimate time killer with a simulated live commentary. Real Golf 2011 is already available for iPhone 4 and priced at about 5$. Nokia is giving out this game for free via Software Update in selected countries.

You have the option to choose players from around the world and I believe Nokia got Game-loft to include players from each country where they intend to sell Nokia N8. Even India has Vijay Singh included in Real Golf 2011. This is a must have game for any Nokia N8 owner and even if you do not play Golf. You do not require a Golf training before you can play this game. The entire play is dependent on your accuracy and swiftness in making the power and direction pointer stop at the correct position. Firstly, you need to select the power at which you wish to hit the ball and and then you need to hit the ball when the wind happens to be in the right direction. Overall, this is a very addictive game rich with media and content. The installation file is sized at about 137 MB and the installation of the game on the phone takes about 5-10 minutes.

Download Real Golf 2011