Nokia N8 News: 'Ovi Social App' Now Available via SW Update

Ovi Social is now available for Nokia N8 via Software Update. So all the N8 owners who either had a corrupt installation of the application or missing the application can get the application. Many editions of the phone did not have 'Social' in some part of the world. I have tested this Social install via SW Update to be a standalone which means if you did not have the application previously, this installs a new application. I uninstall-ed my existing Social App and then used the update and saw that it was a full installation and not just an update for an existing version.

Simply launch the SW Update application from your Application Menu and update. You need a working data connection for the application to be downloaded and installed. After the installation, a phone restart is mandatory. For all the users, who already have the application, the new application install retains the previous login data and you are not required to provide it again. Do post your comments if you were able to install Social successfully or not.