Symbian^3 Free App: Toshl Mobile Expense Tracker - Get 50% Discount on Toshl Pro Membership

Toshl is a mobile expense tracker for Symbian^3 devices which includes Nokia N8, E7, C7. This is a premium application that can be used on a daily basis for tracking all your expenses. This is one of the first expense tracking applications for Symbian^3 OS and comes with a lot of promise. Toshl is already a very popular application with the Android, Maemo and Apple devices. The supported currencies include, Euro, USD, Pound Sterling, Japanese Yen, Chinese Renminbi, Indian Rupee, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Brazilian Real, Polish Zloty, Turkish Lira, Swedish Krona, Croatian Kuna, Swiss Franc and Russian Ruble. Supported languages include English, Slovenian and Croatian. 

Toshl has a very clean and touch optimized GUI that makes using the application very easy. The interface design is very intuitive and you do not require any usage guide to understand the functionality. You can add your expenses for the current, past and the future dates. You can choose the relevant currency type in the Settings menu. Each expense is combined with a tag so the next time you are adding an expense, it gets even more easy. You can even add a description to each expense entry. The overall layout of the expenses as they appear on the screen and you can navigate between them is simply amazing. I have reviewed similar apps in future for S60 devices but nothing comes closer to Toshl.

Toshl includes a web interface where you can see all the data that you have fed into your mobile device. To use the web interface, you can register for a free account on the application itself and then use that account info at '' to login and also sync from the device.You can use the web interface to draw various graphical representations from your data and analyze your expenses. You can export the data to a CSV, PDF and  EXCEL files. You can even export it to Google Docs which makes this application even more wanted. After you have all the data fed to your mobile device, you just have to choose the 'Sync with' option to upload the data to the Toshl web-server.  

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There are some limitations on the free version of Toshl and you have the option to buy a Toshl Pro Membership at a 50% discount of the regular price (of $19.95). With the pro membership, you can view all the different types of graphical representation and export your data to Google Docs, PDF and EXCEL. You can add and edit your expenses and export them as per the tag or a particular month. You can search your expenses and get automation email reports. This offer is valid only for first 20 users of the discount code and you do not want to be the 21st one so hurry now - GET THE DISCOUNT CODE

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