Latest Firmware Upgrade for Nokia N8 in Quality Assurance Stage

There are new Firmware Upgrades for Nokia N8 in queue with the Quality Assurance Team at Nokia. As per the application Navifirm which is used by service centers and quality assurance teams across the globe, there are a total of three new firmware upgrades to be released worldwide. Navifirm is a desktop application that can be used to download firmware files for any Nokia mobile phone.The latest firmware versions include v11.5, v11.7 and v13.15.

I believe that v13.15 should the latest firmware getting released this month or early next month. These firmwares can be downloaded and flashed to Nokia N8 phones but the risk remains with the user since these are still under the testing phase. Flashing the firmware files downloaded using Navifirm which are still in the QA phase will render your warranty void.