Nokia N8 Contest: Win 10 Licenses of Track & Protect Anti-Theft Application for Symbian^3

Track & Protect from Klomptek is an innovative solution towards your Nokia N8's security. Capable Web remote control, this application allows you to perform backup operations for the data on your phone. Track & Protect claims that it does not allow the phone's firmware to be flashed with out the pass code which is critical when your phone is stolen. Most application are rendered useless when the thief gets your phone flashed and you lose your phone forever. Uninstall of this app requires the pass-code. Apart from this feature, you can also initiate a camera click on your phone with Track & Protect remotely which helps in identifying the location or the face of the thief. These two features make this application stand out in its category.

Is it Free?

Track & Protect is free as long as you do not have to track your phone by sending commands. You can install the application on your phone for free but for remote controlling the application, you need to buy credits which are cheap and comes in various packages. Say, one day you find that your phone is stolen, you can buy the credits and locate your phone. Thus, this application does not require a monetary commitment to use the application as others in its category does (like TheftAware, WaveSecure, etc). However, there a few features that do not require any credits for use - 

  • Periodic passcode check on phone
  • Passcode check at phone startup
  • Auto phone lock at SIM change
  • Send thief's photo after 3 wrong unlock attempts


This application supports all the basic features supported by any anti-theft application which includes, 

  • Lock screen with owner details and return reward
  • Report thief's location at SIM change
  • Report thief's phone number by SMS
  • Remote phone lock
  • Remote phone lock with sound alarm
  • Remote phone unlock
  • Remote phone wipe
  • Take front and main camera images remotely
  • Get phone location on map
  • Backup & restore

Swapping Sims

On of the commonly faced problems with security applications is that the bought license remains tied to your mobile number that is active at the time of buying the application. If in future you need to change your phone number, you need to buy a new license. However, Track & Protect is capable of working with any mobile number that you authorize to be used on your phone. The phone number is automatically updated on the Track & Protect server thus you can use your existing credits with the new phone number.

Contest for 10 licenses

We are running a contest for 10 licenses of Track & Protect. Each of these licenses give you 11 credits for remote controlling the application which means you can use this license to send up to 11 commands to your phone. Each of these license if worth 5 Euro. To participate in this contest, you need to register at our forum and reply with "NokiaN8Blog.Info Rocks!!!" - PARTICIPATE NOW