Free Desktop Application N-Desk v2.3 Released for Symbian^3

N-Desk v2.3 is an amazing application that gives a complete makeover to your phone's desktop. Nokia officially offers just three desktops with Nokia N8 but with N-Desk you can have many more desktops. I have tested and found at-least 8 desktops on my phone. It mainly depends on the number of applications you have on your phone and the kind of icon layout you choose for your desktop. This application comes free of cost from its developer Anderson Silvia. Seeing such applications, I sometimes wonder why does Nokia does not have these features inbuilt. Can't they hire geniuses like Anderson?

Going further with the application review, this application is very small in size which is a mere 180 KB. The application also offers great performance and minimal CPU usage. Once you have this on the phone, you will never feel that it is actually a 3rd party application which is because it merges so well with the Symbian^3 OS.

You have tons of options to customize the overall look and feel of your desktop. You can change the background image and the very color of the image. You can change the text color as well. You can add folders to the desktop and drag/drop app icons inside it. You can change the icon layout of the screen like 6x4, 6x3, 5x3 and 5x4.

The desktop also has a toolbar which is optional and can be activated from the settings. You can drag and drop any icon on this toolbar. This toolbar will always remain on your desktop even when you swipe through the desktops. I primarily have the Dialer, Phone-book and Joikuspot setup on the toolbar as my most used applications.

You also have a one touch screen lock which simulates the hardware locking feature and the screen can be unlocked again using the sideways phone slider hardware switch. The drag and drop feature of the application is like iPhone. You need to long press on an icon till all the icons on the screen start vibrating and then simply drag it in to desired position.

I am really thrilled to have this application on my phone. It has made my Symbian^3 phone much more user friendly. I strongly recommend this phone in all honesty. Do not miss out on this app, it might go paid any time. It also has a very detailed help file integrated with the application.