Free Symbian^3 Games: Angry Birds Seasons v1.2.0

Angry Birds Seasons for Symbian^3 was recently updated to include the Valentine Season as well. Angry Birds Seasons v1.2.0  , now has three different games that includes the Halloween, Christmas and the Valentine's Day Season. The new season added has 54 new levels and like all the previous seasons, it is very existing with excellent graphics and design. If you have the previous version of this game installed on your Nokia N8, you can update it directly. If not, read the details below.

As the new season added to the game is the Valentine's Day season, the entire layout is a combination of pink, blue, white and red shades with the heart shaped designs in the game. The blocks that need to be brought down in order to get the pigs is of heart shape as well.

Upgrading from the previous version

If you already have the previous version, then you simply need to install the Angry Birds v1.02 file as listed at the bottom of this article. After installation you won't see a new icon. Simply launch the game using the same icon as displayed in the menu. You will observe that the startup screen of the game has change. Once you click on PLAY, you will observe a new season 'Hogs & Kisses' added to the screen along with 'Season's Greedings' and 'Trick Or Treats'.

Installing as a fresh new game

If you are installing this game for the first time, then you first need to install Angry Birds v1.01 file as listed at the bottom of this article and then the Angry Birds v1.02 file. You can then see all the three seasons once you launch the game.

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