Nokia N8 Firmware Upgrade Now Available v.013.016 PR1.1

The long awaited firmware upgrade for Nokia N8 has been released. The latest version is v.013.016 PR 1.1. The firmware upgrade is available via FOTA (Firmware Over The Air), Nokia Ovi Suite and NSU (Nokia Software Updater). The update size for FOTA is approx 7 MB.

Change-log (detected so far)
  • Dialer can be opened in the landscape mode.
  •  Full version of Quickoffice (Earlier it was a viewer only)

    The firmware has brought about the above changes in the phone. Quickoffice provided with the phone earlier was only a viewer which has now been upgraded to a full version, allowing you to create and edit new files. Dialer never used to rotate in the landscape mode which now does after the firmware upgrade. There might be many more changes to the phone's functionality but we will get to know as soon as people keep discovering these changes. 

    As usual the phone performs much faster with a better touch screen response. If you found any other changes in your Nokia N8 after this firmware upgrade then please share it with us. Also, visit our forum to discuss more on this topic.