Nokia Reader - RSS Feed Client for Symbian^3 Devices

Nokia Reader is the latest offering from the Nokia Beta Labs for all the Symbian^3 devices that includes Nokia N8. It is still in the trial phase and offered without any support. This is a one of its kind RSS Feed Reader that is capable to push notifications, has a directory of popular feeds, integrates with the Nokia Ovi account and also has a home-screen widget fro Nokia N8.

Nokia Reader uses a server based approach which means all the feeds that you have subscribed to gets updated  on the server side and then pushed all together to the phone. This helps saves a lot of data consumption and also preserves battery. All the conventional feed readers use the polling method that use a lot of data traffic and also consume a huge amount of battery.

The application downloads a few more components internally to complete the installation which is approximately a little over 1 MB data usage. After installation you are directly taken to the Nokia Ovi Account login page. If you have used your Ovi login credentials previously on your phone in any application, the username is prefilled with that username. The GUI of the application is trendy and authentic. You can change the theme between black and white. Black theme looks much better compared to the white one. You content directory for feeds is well categorized and has some very nice feeds available for you to subscribe to. You can also add an external feed of your choice to the application using the specific feed URL. For subscribing to our blog feed, simply enter '' and you are subscribed.

The Nokia Reader widget can be added to the home-screen. The widget keeps showing and changing between the feeds available. The widget shows the number of latest feed pushed. Since, the application is in the trial phase there are a few bigs but they are not fatal and the whole application experience is remarkably good. I hope this application graduates out of Beta and does fade away after the trial period.