Symbian^3 Free Game: Fruit Ninja v1.6

Fruit Ninja is an amazing game and way too addictive being comparable to the levels of Angry Birds series. A very simple and easy game to play which is purely based on your reaction time. It comes with amazing graphics and superb touch response. It is compatible with all the Symbian^3 devices that includes Nokia N8. The game-play is pretty simple, all you need to do is slice across the jumping fruits and cut them into two pieces. In between you will have some bomb pieces also jumping about which you need to escape from slicing.

You have three different modes that this game can be played, namely,  Classic, Zen and Arcade. All the three modes are timer based and Zen mode has no bombs, you simply have to score. The Arcade mode had bonus fruits that appear as glowing. You get bonus scores if you cut multiple fruits in a single slice. You can also choose between the different types of blades which get unlocked as you keep scoring and winning.

Even the options of the game has to be selected by slicing across them. The first time I launched this game to test, I played for like half an hour. I can bet that this is the perfect time killer game for Nokia N8 that can be played anywhere anytime. The game layout is landscape mode and has vibrant colors.