SymTorrent - Torrent Client for Symbian^3 Phones

SymTorrent is a popular application which helps you download files using torrents. Basically, it is torrent client which has been ported from the earlier Symbian OS to the Symbian^3. This is an indispensable application for any Nokia N8 user. This is the only torrent client available today which is free. You can use this client to download files at high speeds directly on to your phone.

SymTorrent has a very simple interface and limited functions. Before you can use this application, you need to download the torrent on your phone and then locate it with in the application. It would have been great if the application had the torrent search/download functionality inbuilt. One of the other limitations of this application is that when are trying to locate the torrent files, you cannot access the mass storage memory of the phone. Thus, when you save the torrents to the phone, please ensure to save it on the phone memory or memory card (if you have one inserted).

Apart from the above mentioned demerits, this application is really useful and works great. You can download any amount of data through the torrent on to your phone (only on E:\BitTorrent folder). The folder to which the files are downloaded is fixed to the Mass Storage and can only be changed to the memory card or the phone memory. Thus, leave it as it is. I tried downloading an audio file on the 3G data connection and the results were amazing. I was able to download the file very quickly at optimum speed.