Voyager HomeScreen For Symbian^3 - Customize Your Desktop

Voyager HomeScreen is yet another customized desktop application for Nokia N8 and other Symbian^3 Apps. The only aspect that makes it different from other similar applications is the fact that the original desktop never becomes visible unless you exit this application. Also, you do not see Voyager HomeScreen running in the task manager and it runs as a hidden process. Thus, with Voyager Homescreen, the complete experience of a new desktop for your phone is attained.

Voyager HomeScreen is quite similar to the other apps in its category with a few changes here and there. It tries to copy the Android and iPhone home-screens and quite succeeds in doing so. I am impressed by the implementation of this application on Symbian^3 and the overall appearance and feel of the application is superb. You have tons of customization features like changing the background, changing the layout of the icon matrix, long press the icons to drag and drop, etc. One feature that i preferred was the ability to download the additional home-screens as and when you wanted. Currently, I found two additional home-screens that can be downloaded and used. There are like add-ons. The application has two home-screens pre-installed and there are two available additionally (download and use) thus making the total count of the home-screens to four.

There is a serious flaw with the application which is avoidable. I am not sure if it is limited to few phones or not. Once you long press the icons to re-arrange them, they all start vibrating iPhone style and once you are done, there is no option to actually get that thing to stop. 

The edit mode does not exit and the phone becomes useless as you cannot launch any application even the dialer. I hope this does not happen with every phone otherwise it is a superb application. A workaround to this issue is to rearrange the icons and then simply restart your phone.