Free Symbian^3 Game: Bounce Touch

Bounce Touch happens to be one of the first touch games that Nokia ever released in its debut touch device, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. This game's installation file has been ported from Nokia 5800 for Symbian^3 and has a better performance than what it was on Symbian 5th Edition OS. I tried this game on my Nokia N8 and the results were great. I did not enjoy this game much on N5800 but on N8, it has a way better feel may be because of the capacitive screen that produces a superior touch response.

There is nothing much to describe about this game. It is available for 99% of the smart touch phones that includes iPhone as well and this tell the popularity of the game. You need to guide a red ball accurately across a narrow path using your finger, thus, avoiding any misdirection making the ball to fall in the empty space. You will find a number of hurdles in the path that you need to cross making the ball to jump by tapping over it (make sure you tap the ball with full flat finger area).

This is an unsigned version of the game. You can follow this simple guide to sign the file and install it on your phone. Also, do ignore the incompatibility warning displayed during the installation since, the game has been ported (so it is usual for the incompatibility warning to appear). A special thanks to the developer who ported this Nokia N8. You may try installing on other Symbian^3 devices as well.

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