How To Convert DRM Protected Ovi Music To Regular Audio File

Nokia N8 came with an year long unlimited download subscription for Ovi Music Store. I have around 5GB of music that would become useless after October 2011. This is a big concern for me because all the music that I have on my PC and mobile will get restricted to them and i cannot move them to a different phone or computer. Ovi Music Store allows you to change your registered computer every 3 months and the same for your phone. Thus, I started looking out for a DRM removal software. I have tested around 5 different DRM removal software. DRM removal by these software is a legal process by playing the licensed audio and re-recording the same in a DRM free format.
  • Daniussoft Media Converter
  • Aimersoft DRM Media Converter
  • DRM Buster
  • DRm Removal
  • Sound Taxi Pro + Video Rip

Sound Taxi was the finalist on my list mainly because of the high speed conversion and quality. Also, the ability to download the license for the music to be converted automatically from the Ovi Licensing Server is a big benefit of this tool. Unlike, other software that will pop-up a licensing window and stop further processing, Sound Taxi continues processing rest of the files even if it cannot convert a particular file due to licensing failure. 

It is important that you have internet connection at the time of using Sound Taxi, however, it is not mandatory in cases where you have played all your music on your PC after downloading them so that the licenses are already existing on your computer. Sound Taxi actually replays your music at 50x speed to normal audio play and rerecords it into a DRM free version. The DRM free music formats include MP3, WMA, M4A & WAV. You can either buy a Sound Taxi Professional which costs 27$ or Sound Taxi Pro (Video Rip) which costs 40$. The later version supports DRM removal from videos as well.